Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Lonely Saturday Night

Well I'm sitting here at home while the parents are out and my sister is baby sitting, and I'm at home and watching Moulin Rouge and I have to say it's an amazing movie about love and how it conqures all the hard ships that the world throws at it. I think that as years go on Love is well it's not taken seriously. People Love french fries and certain movies, but what does Love really mean? Well I  can't tell you, I thought I was in Love but I was wrong. Love is something special that you feel and you can't take advantige of it but treasure it. Well at least that is what I think about Love, what do you think?

Saturday Night Thoughts


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  1. Oh love. The more I learn the most mysterious it is. Even though I've had the utter joy of being in love I'm not sure I understand it fully.

    And then there are all the different types! Ug!

    But Romans 12:9-21 are pretty much my life verses. Check em out!

    Heart you and this blog!