Monday, March 7, 2011


I like coffee very much!
My favorite is White Chocolate Pepperment Mocha
from Starbucks of course
My dad bought some chocolate covered coffee beans
and man are they good!
They did make me a little hyper the other night.
Coffee is so good!

Love Aly

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old Movies

I love old movies, such as Singin in the Rain, Gone with the Wind, Meet me in St. Louis and so many others. Since my family got Netflix I have been watching differnt movies that I wouldn't nomaly watch and yesterday I watched Meet me in St. Louis (instead of doing homework) but I loved it! The colors seemed so bright and beautiful! And all these movies are feel good movies! Which make them ten times better! Here is a list of some of my favs :)

Singin in the Rain!

White Christmas

Meet Me in St. Louis

and of course Gone With the Wind!

Wish movies were still like these :)

Love aly

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Columbia MO

This past weekend my sister and I and her friend Tiffany went to Columbia to see my friend Josh and to shop and have fun. We had a blast! We ate so much food and went shopping and just had a great time! We went to this awesome cookie place called Hot Box Cookies, there cookies are soooo good!!! and we went to a Noodle place and to Shakespeare pizza which is also very good (the pizza was greasy but grease makes everything taste good :) 

Right next to the Hot Box cookie store there was this big toy or "junk" store lol as you can see in the pictures above it was a lot of fun! They just had a lot of well junk that no one really needs. But it was a real good time. It was also the first time we stayed in a hotel by ourselves and that was an experience! The weather was not good at all! It was rainy and snowy and well very cold, I think I actually caught something but it was nasty. We went shopping for clothes and fun stuff. When we were shopping all of us girls had to go to the bathroom, we went into 6 different stores before we had to buy something to use a bathroom, it was ridiculous! but we ended up buying some cake balls which are sooooo good! Over all it was a great trip :)

Love Alysse