Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cupcakes and Bass Pro

After work yesterday I was so tired and exhausted I wanted to go home and sleep but I decided to go to my friend Meg's house (I counted and I know 7 Megan's) and make cupcakes...well help her makes cupcakes. As a treat she let me take some home and man they were amazing!!!! She makes all her cupcakes from scratch and the icing to. 
The last two days I have been getting up early to go walking with a friend. Here is my schedule
5:15 Wake up
5:30 Get to park to walk
6:34 Drive Home 
6:40-6:50 NAP!!! 
7:00 Wake up and get ready...

I have decided that I will now be waking up at 5:30 and going to walk then. I have been so tired!!!! It has been good for me though to get up and wake up early. I do need to exercise more and this is the time I have to do it. 
Now for the Bass Pro part of my title. Lately me and Agent Black Stone have not had much time together and it has really sucked. I miss him a lot. So yesterday I had some time before I went over to Meg's so I met him at Bass Pro. I see him and he kisses me then we start to walk around. I stupidly ask, "where are we going?" When I know very well where we are the Gun section of Bass Pro. If we step into the Bass Pro at all this is where we go. My man is really into guns and I'm okay with this because I know I will always be protected. 
Anyway I think Agent Black Stone is hiding something...he has been very secretive lately so we will see what happens in the next few weeks ;) 

Love Aly

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