Wednesday, July 18, 2012

No Wedding Wednesdays...

I just got engaged last Friday and its Wednesday but I almost feel overwhelmed already. 
My solution No Wedding Wednesdays! 
This is totally a good thing, not a bad thing. 
I am hoping that this little break in the week will give me time just to relax and not worry about wedding stuff. 
My friends told me not to jump in to quickly especially since I probably won't be getting married for ten months. But I could not help it! 
The one thing that all brides should jump onto first is the Venue. I have looked at two places and one place already had a wedding planned on the day I wanted. So if you have to jump in head first at least do it with the Venue so you have the place that you want then back off a bit and enjoy being engaged to the man of your dreams :) 


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