Thursday, July 26, 2012

Venue # 3

Today is Venue #3, venue 2 was very pretty with outdoor seating and lots of shade but it was a bit pricey and off course like any venue they kept pilling on new things to pay for..."How much would this cost??? Oh you know $200 for this and this and this..." They kept pilling on new things that we would have to pay for! Out of all the websites and magazine I read about wedding I did not realize how much it would cost for the venue. So ladys and gents save your money so you can get the perfect place for your wedding :) 

In other news...I woke up to a cloudy sky! Yay! Finally, I currently live in the Midwest and we have had no rain and triple digits temperatures. I want need it to rain. 
I hope this venue works out today but we will see 


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