Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have found the 3 essentials that every teacher needs and or has. 
  1. Starbucks: Out of all the classes I have had with future teachers and all the blogs I've been reading, the first thing you see is a Starbucks cup. I think teachers keep them in business.
  2. A Planner: No teacher in their right mind would not have a planner, every girl I have had a class with has one. A teacher says that an assignment is due a certain day and all of the sudden you here bags being unzipped and purses opening to get to a planner.
  3. The Cameo: Now when I first saw this on some teachers blogs I was very confused on what it was. Well the website says it can do a lot including print on shirts, cut out name plates, create fun decor and lots more!     

I have to say I can NOT wait to be a teacher and have my own room. The first thing I am buying is a Cameo for sure. 


  1. I agree with the Starbucks. I do NOT know what a Cameo is though!

  2. You should look it up! A lot of teachers really like it!