Friday, September 21, 2012

1 Year

My man and I have just celebrated our one year anniversary. 
So we have been together one year and engaged for about 3 months! 
Gosh I can't wait to be married. 
The one thing that gets annoying is that my parents think they have great ideas for us and I just wish some times they would just let me live the way I am going to live. 
But it's okay I know they do it out of love! 

My honey bunches also got fitted for his Tux yesterday! Oh gosh so exciting!!!

That's all from me right now. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I found it!

Yes Ladies and Gentleman 
I found my wedding dress! 
So I didn't have the crazy OMGOSH feeling that you see on TV. 
But I love my dress anyway and it is beautiful! 
Well we got the dress for about $500 but it was originally $2500...
so I believe I got a deal on it :) 
I still have to get it altered because this dress was discontinued so it was a size 10..
I am a size 4 
So lets just say I need to get it altered lol 
I can't describe my dress bc my Man might read this but it is beautiful and unique and one day 
(next June) I'll put up some pictures of it! 

I have also learned in the past few weeks that Forgiveness is Key! 
Especially in a new marriage or in any relationship as a matter of fact. 
Got to work on being a good fine and I would say forgiveness is a big deal.