Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I found it!

Yes Ladies and Gentleman 
I found my wedding dress! 
So I didn't have the crazy OMGOSH feeling that you see on TV. 
But I love my dress anyway and it is beautiful! 
Well we got the dress for about $500 but it was originally $2500...
so I believe I got a deal on it :) 
I still have to get it altered because this dress was discontinued so it was a size 10..
I am a size 4 
So lets just say I need to get it altered lol 
I can't describe my dress bc my Man might read this but it is beautiful and unique and one day 
(next June) I'll put up some pictures of it! 

I have also learned in the past few weeks that Forgiveness is Key! 
Especially in a new marriage or in any relationship as a matter of fact. 
Got to work on being a good fine and I would say forgiveness is a big deal.


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