Thursday, October 25, 2012

This and That

Tomorrow we will find out if the handsome Mr. Hobbs got the job we were praying for. I am nervous but I know God has a plan :) 
I found out a couple of weeks ago that I LOVE the Campfire Milkshake from Steak and Shake. 
I haven't tried the Caramel Apple one but I would bet my bottom dollar that it is delicious! 
I have to say that where I live here in the U.S. it got very cold today and very fast! 
I am excited but not prepared....I need to get my hat and gloves out a.s.a.p. 

In school I fell pretty overwhelmed at the the moment...
It is one of those times where you know all your teachers came together at once and said, "Let's give all the students a ton of homework at once!" and of course they thought it was a good/funny idea, but it is NOT! 

Anyway everything else in life is just dandy! 
I get to go to my practicum tomorrow to have our fall party! 
I am so pumped :) 

I pray that you all are in good health and are happy :) 

Future Mrs. Hobbs 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Wonderful Day!

I can't even explain how awesome today has been. And it's not like anything huge has happened. It has just been one of those days. 

First I got to sleep in which never happens because I literally go to work and school every day from like 8 AM to when I get home at about 10 PM every night. 

Second the Library here had a HUGE book sale and I got ten books for under $20! Let me just say that I had a silly grin on my face when I walked out of that book fair and I am seriously thinking about going back.

Third I got to see Mr. Hobbs today and have lunch with him. His interview went great and man did he look good absolutely sexy! He was just in a good mood today and it made me so happy. Man I love him so much! 

Today is just a day that makes me feel like anything is possible. 
God is good and he has blessed me so much! 

Much love everyone! 

P.S here is a cute picture of some owls in love to make you smile! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Job

Tomorrow my future husband Mr. Hobbs has a job interview. 
So First if you could take time out of your day to say a quick prayer for him it would be much appreciated.
We really need him to get a good job and this would would be really really I must pray and trust that God has a plan! 

Wedding Stuff: 
I finally got my save the dates in last Friday and I love them! I made them on Vistaprint and for 30 they cost me about $22 bucks...not to bad if you ask me. 
My goal is to get them sent out this week! 
  and to be honest I really wish I had more time to enjoy the engagement part of all this. I sometimes don't even get to think about my wedding because I am so busy with school and work. 

Final Thoughts: 
God is good, trust in him and he will direct your path :) 

Future Mrs. Hobbs

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cookies, Practicum and Survivor

I know you asking yourself..How does cookies, practicum and survivor go together? 
Well these are the three things that sum up my day today. 
First: Cookies, today at work they will be selling cookies, 2 for $1 
So like any girl that Loves cookies I searched in my car for spare change! 
and I found $1's worth of change for my cookies. 
Today I will get to teach my first lesson in this practicum
Let me just say I am super excited but nervous to but only a little  Okay ALOT! 
But it will go well, those kids in that classroom are AMAZING! 
and some of the girls think I look like Taylor Swift...I have no idea why they think that but it was a cute thought 
Third: Survivor! 
Every year at my church we have a Survivor youth retreat. 
and let me tell you it is a blast! 
I remember one of the first years I went to one of these it was literally a survivor weekend. The person that was suppose to do the food for the whole weekend backed out the day we were leaving so needless to say we did not have a lot of food that trip and the little we had was not enough. 
This year we are going to a youth pastors land in Kansas and I am really excited because Mr. Hobbs is going with me this year! Yay! 
I know it will be a great weekend full of fun and Jesus :) 

P.s. any of you who are reading this that saw my post on Facebook...Thanks for stopping by! On Wednesday I had 43 people check out my blog! 


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Engagement Pictures

I didn't really know what to talk about today But I want to get better at blogging everyday...
I though I would share some of mine and Mr. Hobbs engagement pictures :) 
These four pictures below are of when Mr. Hobbs actually proposed and my friend got it on camera! 
Super romantic and like the pictures on Pinterest
p.s. I didn't even tell him I wanted it done this was his idea! Man I am one lucky woman :) 

These pictures are ones we took last week just to add some more cute pictures! 

Anyway I am super excited to get married!!! 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Learning More Every Day

All I have to say is that being engaged is hard work. There is so much to think about.School, getting a good job, how are we going to pay for that? There are so many questions and not a lot of time to answer them. Mr. Hobbs (my husband to be) is going through a lot right now. My parents want him to get a better job that has insurance (he already has a good job just no insurance). This is taking a toll on him and it is so hard for me to watch. I have to remember to encourage him every day in a way that he understands. No one tells you being engaged is hard. It's like you are getting ready to merge two lives together and there is so much to do! I think that is why people tell us to have a long engagement. Not so we have time to plan a wedding but to have time to get ready to merge two separate lives together. There is just so much to do in so little a time. Me and Mr. Hobbs only have 223 days till our lives merge together forever, and I can not wait to be with the one I love forever. I just have to remember to have fun...Life is to short to be stressed out all the time. Learn to live and love passionately


Monday, October 8, 2012

Being a Bride

Being a bride is rough business. 
Especially since I am in school. 
I never get time to go wedding stuff and it makes me really really sad :( 
I just wish I had more time in the day. 
I'm getting married in about 230 days and I can't wait but man I wish it would get here faster. 
I just can't wait to be with my man, 
I can't wait to wake up next to him forever, 
I can't wait till I wake up and see him there and the idea that I will always know he loves me and would never let me go. 
I love him