Friday, October 19, 2012

Cookies, Practicum and Survivor

I know you asking yourself..How does cookies, practicum and survivor go together? 
Well these are the three things that sum up my day today. 
First: Cookies, today at work they will be selling cookies, 2 for $1 
So like any girl that Loves cookies I searched in my car for spare change! 
and I found $1's worth of change for my cookies. 
Today I will get to teach my first lesson in this practicum
Let me just say I am super excited but nervous to but only a little  Okay ALOT! 
But it will go well, those kids in that classroom are AMAZING! 
and some of the girls think I look like Taylor Swift...I have no idea why they think that but it was a cute thought 
Third: Survivor! 
Every year at my church we have a Survivor youth retreat. 
and let me tell you it is a blast! 
I remember one of the first years I went to one of these it was literally a survivor weekend. The person that was suppose to do the food for the whole weekend backed out the day we were leaving so needless to say we did not have a lot of food that trip and the little we had was not enough. 
This year we are going to a youth pastors land in Kansas and I am really excited because Mr. Hobbs is going with me this year! Yay! 
I know it will be a great weekend full of fun and Jesus :) 

P.s. any of you who are reading this that saw my post on Facebook...Thanks for stopping by! On Wednesday I had 43 people check out my blog!