Monday, November 5, 2012

All in a Thursday

I have to say that this past Thursday was an amazing day...
This is why 
1. Mr. Hobbs got a job! Well a better one than the one he has! I would like to take a second to thank God for being our provider 
2. We got the keys to OUR apartment! Yes our apartment. I am so excited! I won't move in till we get married but I get to decorate which is going to be so much fun!!!!! 

Really those are the only two reasons last Thursday was amazing but I think they are to pretty good reasons. 
This weekend we moved all of mine and Mr. Hobbs stuff into our apartment. 
I ended up strapping a chair to the top of Mr.Hobbs's Jimmy. I will show you...

Yup that is me...strapping in a chair. I was on top of the car. 

For some reason I am always the person to climb high things or get on top of cars or climb behind dryers to unplug something because I am so small. 
I mean I can't complain that I am so small and skinny but come on people give me a break! 

Anyway we had a lot of fun and I am super happy to go over to Mr. Hobbs's apartment and think that in about 202 days we will be husband and wife! 

The future Mrs. Hobbs! 

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