Monday, November 12, 2012

Special Days

This weekend we celebrated Mr. Hobbs birthday and we are officially under 200 days till we get married! 
For my mans birthday I got him cuff-links! You probably think that is a weird gift but a  couple of months ago I got to church and saw that he was wearing cuff-links...that he made himself...they were cool but very interesting. So this weekend I went to a vintage shop downtown and my friend pointed out a huge section of cuff-links and my mind was Blown! I thought to myself how much Mr. Hobbs would love a pair. Luckily they were really cheap but super cool looking. I found a pair that was silver with roses engraved on them and they had a spot that I could carve his initials into. So I had my dad help me put and H on each of them and lets just say He LOVED his present and last night told me that he is going to wear them on our wedding day! I was so excited! I'll try to get a picture up of them soon! 
Second we are under 200 days till the wedding!!! I am so excited and I am having the bridesmaids flowers made out of fabric! so they  will look something like this..

They are going to be so beautiful! I can not wait! 

I also registered for classes for this next semester..the last semester that I will be an unmarried girl! 

Future Mrs. Hobbs

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