Monday, December 31, 2012

Life so Simple

Well last night sitting next to a warm fire, my man and I discussed what we wanted to do this summer after we get married. 
Sitting with him I realized that life can be so simple and it can make you so happy being simple.
We decided that this summer we are going to focus on a few things to start our marriage out right. 
Here are a few we thought of...
  1. Traveling- we want to take short trips this summer and maybe go hiking or camping 
  2. Cooking! Yes lots and lots of practice cooking good food (and I here that the Kitchen is an awesome place for married people ;) 
  3. Getting organized- This summer we want to come up with a schedule for us to stick to, such as a cleaning schedule.
  4. (This one is mine) Living more thrifty- buying some clothes second hand and maybe trying to be more thrifty at the store. 
So as you can see there are some things we want to work on! 
I have to say I am super excited to get married and start my life with the more wonderful man in the world (or at least mine :)! 


P.S. Any suggestions on some other things we should work on? 

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