Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone! 
Today has been an amazing day filled with joy, love and even tears (good ones!) 
Today my handsome fiance got me tons of wonderful gifts and my family blessed me with a lot also. Here are a few that are my favorite! 
My Grandma got me this wonderful Owl Scentsy!!!

A Deviled Egg carrier because I make the best deviled eggs

My baby got me this very cute stuffed owl

My future mother in law got me this antique pitcher to go in our kitchen!

Our friend Chad and Megan got us this cool abstract owl that will probably go in the living room

My handsome fiance got me this piggy bank that is the best Ever! It says Worlds Greatest Teacher and even though I am working on my teaching degree this is the first thing that I will bring into my classroom when I am officially a teacher.

and who can go wrong with getting someone Nutella! 

So overall my Christmas has been amazing! My mother and her aunt made my grandfather this amazing window with pictures of his mother and it made him cry, which I have never seen before so It was tears of joy but made me cry. I love my grandfather very much and I was so glad he came over today to share in the joy of Christmas with us. 
Merry Christmas Everyone! 


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