Friday, January 25, 2013

God Made You and Loves You!

So this post is super exciting for me because this video is...well...pretty amazing
I am involved in a campus ministry called Chi Alpha and this year I was asked to be a leader which I was pretty much born to be a leader :) 
There are three of us girls in charge of a small group for the older college girls (sophomores and up) 
Last night one of the other leaders was in charge of doing our little study and man did she do good! 

Here is the video she showed
P.S. It's Veggie Tales!!!

This video is amazing because it shows you that no matter what people say about you God made you and loves you just the way you are! 

Let's just say our small group went for 2 hours last night! It was seriously amazing. 
God is so good! 

Here is a list of verses we talked about also! 
 Rom. 8:1-2, 31-39; Ps. 139; John 15:13-15; 1 Peter 2:9-10; John 8:31-32; Heb 4:14-16

Mrs. Hobbs to be :) 

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