Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my 21st birthday! 
No I did not go get drunk
I didn't even have one drink! 
Aren't you so proud of me :) 

Instead yesterday I had school
Which was not bad except well we had a HUGE downpour of rain which I was not prepared for
so needless to say...
my boots soaked in all the rain as I walked across campus to poetry class
my jeans were soaked and itchy in poetry class
and well I could Not pay attention in poetry class because I was soaking wet and miserable. 

I did get my free Starbucks coffee yesterday which did help my day to get better
as did
my free pastry from Panera!

We then went to HuHot for dinner which was super yummy
and last but not least I got a cookie cake! 
It was delicious! 

So Happy 21st Birthday to me :) 

P.S. Next birthday I will be MARRIED!!!!!!!! 

Love Mrs. Hobbs to be :) 

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