Monday, January 14, 2013

School and Wisdom Teeth

So school started back up today and man was it cold to! 
The high was in the low 30's 
to cold.
So I walked to my first class which is Geometry for teachers (EWWWW) 
holding my mug with mint the time I got to class the tea was cold. 
Not Cool. 
I also got my wisdom teeth taken out this past Friday so I have kind of been out of it for a few days. 
Let me tell you, the only awful part of getting your wisdom teeth taken out is the fact you can't eat any normal food for about 4 to 5 days because you don't want to jack up your stitches...
so needless to say I have kind of been a bit cranky because I haven't eaten since Friday. 
Only milk shakes and potatoes (ugh) 
Anyway tomorrow is the second day of school and maybe we will try noodles and see if I can handle those. 
Tomorrow is a new day! 
and my first day of Music and Poetry class :) 
Tomorrow should be fun!


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