Friday, February 15, 2013

100 Days

I am getting MARRIED in 100 Days! 
I can not believe it, that is three months and ten days. 
1. I am super excited! 
2. I am super nervous and kind of scared. 
3. I have so much to do! AHHHHH 
4. I kind of want it to be here so we can move on to being married. 
5. I can't wait to see all my friends from far away. 
6. I can't wait for the Honeymoon! 
Yup this is where we are going! 

So excited! 

7. As you can see our honeymoon is going to be AMAZING! 

I will leave you with that note and the lovely pictures :) 

Love Mrs. Hobbs to be in 100 days! 


  1. enjoy all those little things! it will go by so fast and you will manage to get everything done!