Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gratitude Lately

One of my favorite blogs is Today's Letters 
and the author does Gratitude Lately posts.
I love this idea
With my schedule being crazy lately,
with planning for a wedding that is happening in less than 3 months
taking 15 hours at school this semester
Chi Alpha 
and church
I have a lot going on. 
So I want to do a Gratitude Lately post. 
I am grateful for a beautiful venue for my wedding! 

I am so grateful for my wonderful sister and Maid of Honor for always being there for me and I look up to her faith with God so much everyday. 
I am grateful for my Husband to be Mr. Hobbs.  He takes such good care of me and is going to be an amazing husband.

Starbucks Coffee, yes it is expensive and maybe not good for you but man it does make you feel better on a rough day. 

There are many more things I am grateful for but it you make this a very long blog post,
so I will leave it short this time

Mrs. Hobbs to be 

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