Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Made in 'Merica

The past couple of weeks have been kind of crazy
We got a dog then gave her away
As a teacher I have to take a test called the CBASE, turns out I didn't pass one section even though my councilor said I I have to take it again. (and I am out of $60)
I did get to see all of my bridesmaids this past weekend which was amazing and so much fun! and we found their dresses for the wedding!  
Britt, Kena, Jess, Becky and Me 
Turns out Mr. Hobbs got the crappy shift at T-Mobile for a while....1 PM- 12:30 AM
So I will hardly get to see him our first four months of marriage....I cried! 

On a better note two nights ago me and Mr. Hobbs created a game where we each say something that was made in " 'Merica" (America) 
It has been a cute little game that we have played for the past two days back and forth and to me this game represents a growing experience where me and him connect on something that no one else can, we are more and more conferrable with each other. 

Thursday is Valentines Day and also a very important day for me and Mr.Hobbs. 
it will be 100 days till the wedding!!!!! 
I can't even believe it is coming so fast! 
I can't wait :) 

Much love 
Mrs. Hobbs to be 

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