Friday, March 29, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Today I was out of school for Easter so I have been working all day, 
I answer phones for my job so if no one is calling me I have a little free time. 
Today I decided to catch up on Glee
( I know kind of dorky) 
But I like music and it is an easy show to watch 
Their music challenge of the week was Guilty Pleasures
So I thought I would list 4 of my guilty pleasures

GiGi's cupcakes 
I mean come on! Look at these wonderful cupcakes! So good

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha 
Turns out my favorite drink is Not seasonal! Which means I can get it whenever I want!
(Christian Historical Fiction) 
Great book by the way :)

80's Music 

So there are a few of my guilty pleasures...
What are some of yours? 

~Mrs. Hobbs to be

Thursday, March 28, 2013

2nd Dress Fitting and My Love

I had my second dress fitting yesterday and it went really well...
except they took in my dress to much! 
For starters I bought my dress on sale so it was the last one they had,
It was a size 10
I am a size 4
So it needed to be taken in a little lot! 
Other than that it fit really well and I was happy :) 

I don't really every talk about my future husband Mr. Hobbs
He is a wonderful man by the way 
He is 26 and currently working at T-mobile
He is kind, sweet, smart and most of all patient. 
I am not a patient person, I want everything fast and now and don't want to wait for it. 
so he complements me so well and I love him for it. 
I can seriously not wait to marry this man. 
I love him so much more everyday. 
I believe that love grows every day and the more you except the person you love for who they are and not who you want them to be you will be amazed and your love will grow. 
I don't mean to have you lower your expectations or that you give up on your dreams of what you want someone to be, but take time everyday to look at the person you love and appreciate them for who they are. 

much love, 
Mrs. Hobbs to be

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bridal Showers!

Jamie, Me and Kimmy. Chi Alpha shower

Me and the lovely Erica

Myself and Justine who threw me the shower
My family shower and this wonderful Strawberry cake

My sister Makena and myself at the family shower

Mom, me and Kena at the shower in Chicago

myself and future sister in-law

Myself and my Mother in-law

The family on my future Hubby's side

The ladys of my family
I haven't put a lot of pictures up lately so I though I would add some! 
I am super excited to get married in 61 days! 

Much love 
Mrs. Hobbs to be!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Snow, Oh No!

Yesterday it decided to snow here in Missouri
oh about 3-5 inches 
I knew of course it was going to snow so I bundled up yesterday on my way to school at 9 AM
It did not start snowing till 3:45 PM so I looked like the kid from A Christmas Story, and see those kids in the background of this pict...I feel like that is how everyone was looking at me while I was at school. 
So yeah it did not really start snowing till I got to work. 
snow is fun don't get me wrong but it's March now and I would really like some Spring weather! 

~Mrs. Hobbs to be
65 Days! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Busy Life

I haven't posted in a while because I have been SO busy. 
Getting ready for the wedding 
which is 67 days away! 
School which I only have about 7 weeks left
Chi Alpha which has been put on the back burner lately
and so many more things. 

I live in Missouri so the weather here is well
normal  CRAZY! 
This past Friday I had off because we were headed to Chicago for a bridal shower
When we left MO is was 75 degrees out. 
Fast forward 8 hours
it was 30 degrees out
It was not fun 
so when we got back to MO Sunday I was expecting nice weather again
it was just as cold as Chicago. 
I really wish mother nature would make up her mind. 
and we plan on having 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. 
Not Cool! 

I did get some amazing stuff from Mr. Hobbs's family 
including a welcome mat
my Colbolt Blue Fiesta wear! 
cookie sheets
cooling rack
rolling pin
a really cute Heart wall decor
and well there is not enough room in this post to name everything. I got so much stuff I had to leave some in Illinois! 
I am blessed! :) 

Mrs. Hobbs to be 

p.s. The Walking Dead only has two episodes will be another suspenseful ending just like last season. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marriage Counseling

Today Mr. Hobbs and myself
have our first session of...
Marriage Counseling! 
I actually am pretty excited about it
Mr. Hobbs and I have only actually known each other for about two years
and so I am glad that we will get to continue to get to know more about each other
before we start our lives together. 
82 days! 
The book we are working on is Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts by Les and Leslie Parrott 
We did chapter one and the first four items in our workbook this week as homework. 
I love it so far! 
The book and workbook are insightful and full of things that you would never think of.
Already Mr. Hobbs and myself have really opened up about some deep stuff
I am so excited to get started tonight and see what happens in this time of growing before we start our married life together! 

Mrs. Hobbs to be :) 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bridal Showers & New Jobs

This weekend I had my second shower and I had so much fun! I got a lot of stuff including a knife set and two new cookbooks and my lovely grandma got me a box full of craft and sewing stuff! She knows what I like to do! This summer I am going to have my grandpa come over and fix this awesome old sewing machine that my gram gave me! 
Which leads me into why I am going to have time to sew this summer. Mr. Hobbs starts his new shift last six months...(here comes that bad news) His shift is from 1:30 PM to Midnight. NOOOOOO! I cried when he first told me this. If you don't know we are getting married in May so needless to say all summer I will have almost every night to myself. I don't know if I like this or not because I do like my "me" time but I will be a newlywed! Maybe this will work out good because I can craft and make our apartment look more "homey"  
So here are some things I may want to work on this summer! 
Reading Pillow
My great aunts and my mother already make these rag rugs (made of sheets) but I want to learn this summer! 

I also want to try to make a canopy to go over Mr. Hobbs and mine's bed this summer (romantic right!) 
Canopy Bed

Below the pictures are the links to where I found these ideas.
We will see if I get any of them completed this summer, stayed tuned and we will find out! 

Love Mrs. Hobbs in 83 Days!