Thursday, March 28, 2013

2nd Dress Fitting and My Love

I had my second dress fitting yesterday and it went really well...
except they took in my dress to much! 
For starters I bought my dress on sale so it was the last one they had,
It was a size 10
I am a size 4
So it needed to be taken in a little lot! 
Other than that it fit really well and I was happy :) 

I don't really every talk about my future husband Mr. Hobbs
He is a wonderful man by the way 
He is 26 and currently working at T-mobile
He is kind, sweet, smart and most of all patient. 
I am not a patient person, I want everything fast and now and don't want to wait for it. 
so he complements me so well and I love him for it. 
I can seriously not wait to marry this man. 
I love him so much more everyday. 
I believe that love grows every day and the more you except the person you love for who they are and not who you want them to be you will be amazed and your love will grow. 
I don't mean to have you lower your expectations or that you give up on your dreams of what you want someone to be, but take time everyday to look at the person you love and appreciate them for who they are. 

much love, 
Mrs. Hobbs to be

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