Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Busy Life

I haven't posted in a while because I have been SO busy. 
Getting ready for the wedding 
which is 67 days away! 
School which I only have about 7 weeks left
Chi Alpha which has been put on the back burner lately
and so many more things. 

I live in Missouri so the weather here is well
normal  CRAZY! 
This past Friday I had off because we were headed to Chicago for a bridal shower
When we left MO is was 75 degrees out. 
Fast forward 8 hours
it was 30 degrees out
It was not fun 
so when we got back to MO Sunday I was expecting nice weather again
it was just as cold as Chicago. 
I really wish mother nature would make up her mind. 
and we plan on having 3-7 inches of snow tomorrow. 
Not Cool! 

I did get some amazing stuff from Mr. Hobbs's family 
including a welcome mat
my Colbolt Blue Fiesta wear! 
cookie sheets
cooling rack
rolling pin
a really cute Heart wall decor
and well there is not enough room in this post to name everything. I got so much stuff I had to leave some in Illinois! 
I am blessed! :) 

Mrs. Hobbs to be 

p.s. The Walking Dead only has two episodes will be another suspenseful ending just like last season. 

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