Monday, March 4, 2013

Bridal Showers & New Jobs

This weekend I had my second shower and I had so much fun! I got a lot of stuff including a knife set and two new cookbooks and my lovely grandma got me a box full of craft and sewing stuff! She knows what I like to do! This summer I am going to have my grandpa come over and fix this awesome old sewing machine that my gram gave me! 
Which leads me into why I am going to have time to sew this summer. Mr. Hobbs starts his new shift last six months...(here comes that bad news) His shift is from 1:30 PM to Midnight. NOOOOOO! I cried when he first told me this. If you don't know we are getting married in May so needless to say all summer I will have almost every night to myself. I don't know if I like this or not because I do like my "me" time but I will be a newlywed! Maybe this will work out good because I can craft and make our apartment look more "homey"  
So here are some things I may want to work on this summer! 
Reading Pillow
My great aunts and my mother already make these rag rugs (made of sheets) but I want to learn this summer! 

I also want to try to make a canopy to go over Mr. Hobbs and mine's bed this summer (romantic right!) 
Canopy Bed

Below the pictures are the links to where I found these ideas.
We will see if I get any of them completed this summer, stayed tuned and we will find out! 

Love Mrs. Hobbs in 83 Days! 

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