Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Marriage Counseling

Today Mr. Hobbs and myself
have our first session of...
Marriage Counseling! 
I actually am pretty excited about it
Mr. Hobbs and I have only actually known each other for about two years
and so I am glad that we will get to continue to get to know more about each other
before we start our lives together. 
82 days! 
The book we are working on is Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts by Les and Leslie Parrott 
We did chapter one and the first four items in our workbook this week as homework. 
I love it so far! 
The book and workbook are insightful and full of things that you would never think of.
Already Mr. Hobbs and myself have really opened up about some deep stuff
I am so excited to get started tonight and see what happens in this time of growing before we start our married life together! 

Mrs. Hobbs to be :) 

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