Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

For those of you that have gotten married in the last year or are about to you know 
how crazy it gets when it's under a month till you get married! 
Don't get me wrong I am super duper excited but there is so much going on. 
I am still in school (college) so finals are approaching and the wedding is in 
27 days! 
I am at the point where I am just ready to be married to Mr.Hobbs. 
I hate leaving a date and not being able to go to our apartment with him. 
I hate kissing goodnight and going to my parents. 
I want to go home with my man 
I just can't wait to be married. 
I know I am suppose to enjoy this engagement time but the wedding is only a month away and now it is just like a waiting game. 
This past weekend my mother and I went to visit my moms cousin and her daughter in Tulsa OK. 
I spend some of my tax money and got some amazing cute clothes for the honeymoon! 
and some sexy outfits to ;) 
We are going to Riviera Maya Cancun on our honeymoon and I am so pumped! 
All inclusive 
Our resort has like 4 different restaurant and a spa 
and a huge pool! 
and of course the ocean!
 I am so excited!! 

Any newlywed advice? Send it on over :) 

Mrs. Hobbs to be in 27 days!!!! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a Wonderful Night!

Yesterday was kind of dreary since it was April 23 and cold and it prob snowed a little. 
but Last night was awesome! 
Mr. Hobbs and myself went to Famous Dave's for dinner which is an amazing BBQ place. 
Then he told me we are making a Canopy for our bed! 
Yup Mr. Hobbs went onto my Pinterest and found out how to make a canopy for our bed. 
So we went to Hobby Lobby and got some thin fabric to be the canopy part and we will be putting it together soon :) 
I have to say that a man who can get over the whole idea the Pinterest is a girl thing is 
because guys can learn a lot about their women from checking out her boards. 

The night ended with us freezing to death
 saying good bye because we still have to drive home separately. 
(which I hate, I can't wait to just drive one car and then we get to go home together!)
He asked if I wanted to see the poles we were going to use for the canopy and he pulls out 
2 dozen roses! 

Total shock. 

They are beautiful! White roses and the other dozen are yellow with red and orange tips. 

I was totally impressed last night and tonight will be just as fun. 
I can't wait to be married! 
32 days! 

Mr. Hobbs to be :)  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Math Test's & Corn Dogs

I am sorry for all those people out there that like math but
I hate it. 
with a passion. 
I can not wait to be done with this math class. 
I failed my math test. 
I almost cried in class today I was so upset. 
and it doesn't help that my teacher keeps saying...
"I know you guys can get A's and I am expecting you to"
Or something on the lines of that. 
Not cool when you are prob the only person in the class to fail the test. 

I have been hooked on Sonic corn dogs. 
For those of you who don't know what Sonic is
It is delicious lol 
but it is also a drive thru fast food restaurant that we have here in the midwest. 
They are famous for their Cherry Limeades ( I add watermelon in mine) 
So good! 
last week I think I had four corn dogs from there (not all in one day) 
and Today I got two :) 
They prob aren't good for me but I love them! 

Wedding Update: 
Honeymoon is payed for! 
Food will be a pork loin smoked in a hazelnut chocolate seasoning
Hawaiian chicken with a mango and pineapple chutney 
Vegetable medley 
Potatoes Au gratin (cheesy potatoes) 
and Rolls (duh)

Mrs. Hobbs to be :)  

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bread and Other Things

Since I am getting married in about 42 days
lately I have felt more..."homey" I guess
Maybe it's my inner wife crying to get out so 
I have been cleaning the apartment 
baking bread! 
I said baking bread and it is the best bread ever.
I have made it about three or four times now and last night I decided I would add....
wait for it....
garlic and rosemary! 
It is so good. No joke. 
yup I made this and isn't it pretty!!! 

The recipe is in the link just above this. 
you need to try it ASAP. 

This past week my mother and I and two other lady's went back to my venue to plan out what I wanted for decorations! 
It was so much fun and we got a lot done
I feel way better about everything now 
especially since we have a plan. 

Like I said above 42 days till the wedding! 
I can't wait :) 

Mrs. Hobbs (to be)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Things are getting Better

My last post was all true but yes..dramatic. 
I went to the doctor Friday so hopefully certain things will get better. 
I do feel less stressed lately. 
This weekend Chi Alpha had a retreat so we got to get away for a while and enjoy time with God.
It was really good for me

Wedding plans are getting on their way again, this Thursday we are headed back to our venue to get some things settled. 
Now about my venue...
I love it! 
but the lady that owns it has not been very helpful.
I had called three times to set up an appointment this month,
my first time I called over a month ago and she told me to call back and she did this to me two more times. 
I wanted to go on a weekend so I called today and she tells me she can't do weekend...
That would have been nice to know over a month ago! 
Anyway we finally got it figured out (thank goodness) 
I truly am excited to go and see how it looks in the spring :) 

Things I am grateful for: 
1. A wonderful man who lets me cry on his shoulder
2. Pineapple Whip! A Missouri thing
3. My sister, I love her and she doesn't here that enough from me. 
4. Awesome parents who are paying for my wedding :) 
5. (this is really #1) My Lord Jesus :) I love him and am growing in him everyday! 

Love Mrs. Hobbs to be: 48 Days! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Have Cold Feet

It's time to get honest and get some feedback.
First, birth control sucks! I am a strong type A person that does not cry very easily...
until birth control. 
It's like all the time at the littlest things and it sucks. 

Second, I am a nervous wreck,
anxious, nervous, scared, uncertain. 
I am experiencing all things things at once and I am pretty sure I have had some serious panic attacks in the last two days. 
and I cry A LOT! 

Third, God means everything to me, He is the most important things and I am not sure if I am hearing God's voice or I am just nervous and well everything I said above. 
I have been taking time to pray more and more about all this and I am starting to feel better, but I hate not having straight answers (type A personality stuff) 
I just feel pressured. 
Not from Mr.Hobbs at all, this wonderful man sat with me for more than two hours last night and listening to all my doubts and me crying and having a nervous breakdown, he prayed with me and told me he loved me. 
I really don't think it is him at all. 
I honestly don't know what to think. 

I go to the Doctors tomorrow to maybe change my pills or something and I hope that going to the doc will help. 

Any  advice? 

Mrs. Hobbs to be

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Being Sick

I hate being sick.
I mean HATE, yes this is a four letter word but it describes how I feel about being sick. 
I was up half the night last night 
and I am so tired. 
I've been living on tomato soup and I am eating some oatmeal at the moment. 
As a type A person I would not stand missing class all day even if I still felt kind of sick. 
so I skipped my first and second class today
(which is okay since these are the only classes I have skipped this semester) 
and went to my third class and to work till 5.
I did get to spend a little time with my future hubby Mr. Hobbs today
This past week we went four days without seeing each other. 
It sucked. 
My love language is quality time and I have not gotten much of it lately. 
It makes me so sad :( 
I miss hanging with my bestie

Times are crazy at the moment
Less than 60 days till the wedding!
I am kind of getting nervous to be honest! 
This verse comes to mind when I am feeling anxious or scared. 
Philippians 4:6-7

Mrs. Hobbs to be!