Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bread and Other Things

Since I am getting married in about 42 days
lately I have felt more..."homey" I guess
Maybe it's my inner wife crying to get out so 
I have been cleaning the apartment 
baking bread! 
I said baking bread and it is the best bread ever.
I have made it about three or four times now and last night I decided I would add....
wait for it....
garlic and rosemary! 
It is so good. No joke. 
yup I made this and isn't it pretty!!! 

The recipe is in the link just above this. 
you need to try it ASAP. 

This past week my mother and I and two other lady's went back to my venue to plan out what I wanted for decorations! 
It was so much fun and we got a lot done
I feel way better about everything now 
especially since we have a plan. 

Like I said above 42 days till the wedding! 
I can't wait :) 

Mrs. Hobbs (to be)


  1. I have never made bread bread. I might have to try now!

  2. You should! It really is easy and very yummy!

  3. looks great! goodness. can i have a slice?!?!?!