Monday, April 29, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

For those of you that have gotten married in the last year or are about to you know 
how crazy it gets when it's under a month till you get married! 
Don't get me wrong I am super duper excited but there is so much going on. 
I am still in school (college) so finals are approaching and the wedding is in 
27 days! 
I am at the point where I am just ready to be married to Mr.Hobbs. 
I hate leaving a date and not being able to go to our apartment with him. 
I hate kissing goodnight and going to my parents. 
I want to go home with my man 
I just can't wait to be married. 
I know I am suppose to enjoy this engagement time but the wedding is only a month away and now it is just like a waiting game. 
This past weekend my mother and I went to visit my moms cousin and her daughter in Tulsa OK. 
I spend some of my tax money and got some amazing cute clothes for the honeymoon! 
and some sexy outfits to ;) 
We are going to Riviera Maya Cancun on our honeymoon and I am so pumped! 
All inclusive 
Our resort has like 4 different restaurant and a spa 
and a huge pool! 
and of course the ocean!
 I am so excited!! 

Any newlywed advice? Send it on over :) 

Mrs. Hobbs to be in 27 days!!!! 

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