Monday, April 22, 2013

Math Test's & Corn Dogs

I am sorry for all those people out there that like math but
I hate it. 
with a passion. 
I can not wait to be done with this math class. 
I failed my math test. 
I almost cried in class today I was so upset. 
and it doesn't help that my teacher keeps saying...
"I know you guys can get A's and I am expecting you to"
Or something on the lines of that. 
Not cool when you are prob the only person in the class to fail the test. 

I have been hooked on Sonic corn dogs. 
For those of you who don't know what Sonic is
It is delicious lol 
but it is also a drive thru fast food restaurant that we have here in the midwest. 
They are famous for their Cherry Limeades ( I add watermelon in mine) 
So good! 
last week I think I had four corn dogs from there (not all in one day) 
and Today I got two :) 
They prob aren't good for me but I love them! 

Wedding Update: 
Honeymoon is payed for! 
Food will be a pork loin smoked in a hazelnut chocolate seasoning
Hawaiian chicken with a mango and pineapple chutney 
Vegetable medley 
Potatoes Au gratin (cheesy potatoes) 
and Rolls (duh)

Mrs. Hobbs to be :)  

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