Monday, April 8, 2013

Things are getting Better

My last post was all true but yes..dramatic. 
I went to the doctor Friday so hopefully certain things will get better. 
I do feel less stressed lately. 
This weekend Chi Alpha had a retreat so we got to get away for a while and enjoy time with God.
It was really good for me

Wedding plans are getting on their way again, this Thursday we are headed back to our venue to get some things settled. 
Now about my venue...
I love it! 
but the lady that owns it has not been very helpful.
I had called three times to set up an appointment this month,
my first time I called over a month ago and she told me to call back and she did this to me two more times. 
I wanted to go on a weekend so I called today and she tells me she can't do weekend...
That would have been nice to know over a month ago! 
Anyway we finally got it figured out (thank goodness) 
I truly am excited to go and see how it looks in the spring :) 

Things I am grateful for: 
1. A wonderful man who lets me cry on his shoulder
2. Pineapple Whip! A Missouri thing
3. My sister, I love her and she doesn't here that enough from me. 
4. Awesome parents who are paying for my wedding :) 
5. (this is really #1) My Lord Jesus :) I love him and am growing in him everyday! 

Love Mrs. Hobbs to be: 48 Days! 

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