Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What a Wonderful Night!

Yesterday was kind of dreary since it was April 23 and cold and it prob snowed a little. 
but Last night was awesome! 
Mr. Hobbs and myself went to Famous Dave's for dinner which is an amazing BBQ place. 
Then he told me we are making a Canopy for our bed! 
Yup Mr. Hobbs went onto my Pinterest and found out how to make a canopy for our bed. 
So we went to Hobby Lobby and got some thin fabric to be the canopy part and we will be putting it together soon :) 
I have to say that a man who can get over the whole idea the Pinterest is a girl thing is 
because guys can learn a lot about their women from checking out her boards. 

The night ended with us freezing to death
 saying good bye because we still have to drive home separately. 
(which I hate, I can't wait to just drive one car and then we get to go home together!)
He asked if I wanted to see the poles we were going to use for the canopy and he pulls out 
2 dozen roses! 

Total shock. 

They are beautiful! White roses and the other dozen are yellow with red and orange tips. 

I was totally impressed last night and tonight will be just as fun. 
I can't wait to be married! 
32 days! 

Mr. Hobbs to be :)  

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