Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4 days!

4 days! :) 

Gosh today I feel so much better, for the past two days I have been in a funk 
I really could not tell you what was wrong. I just felt down and kind of sad. 
Today I woke up and the sun was shining and I just felt better! 
I put on a cute dress (which I am taking on the honeymoon) 
and did my makeup and I just feel good. 
My future father in-law and future sister got into town last night and brought
the furniture Mr. Hobbs parents bought us and it looks amazing
(pictures to come) 
Now I just have to create and print my programs! 
other than that I am pretty much done! 
i can't wait to get my nails done tomorrow, I always feel prettier with my nails done :) 

Much love everyone, 
what makes you feel better in the mornings? 

Mrs. Hobbs to be
(so close but yet so far away :) 

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