Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Day Down

12 days to go Lady's and Gentlemen!

Other than that I have been trying to take things slow
Taking time to relax and just enjoy this down time before the big day 
I have had some trouble with our chair guy but hopefully I can get that taken care of 
in the next day or two. 
Tomorrow Mr.Hobbs is taking me out on a final really nice date before we get married. 
We are going to the Aviary which is a little restaurant that makes Crepes!
All kinds of them. 
I think I will order these amazing fries and then
for dinner the Black and Blue Crepes 
which is steak and blue cheese
It really is amazing 
and of course a Nutella Crepe for dessert!!!!! 

After dinner we plan on going to see the Great Gatsby! 
I have heard mixed reviews so I will let you all know what I think here in a few days :) 

Today I work I decided to watch a movie. 
Yup I can do that at my job :) 
I decided on A Walk to Remember. 
In my head I was thinking, "I haven't seen this in a while, I know it is sad but I remember loving it." 
Yeah I was holding back tears for half of the movie 
hoping that no one would walk by my cubicle and see me crying. 
Over all I still love the movie and it reminds me of really loving someone selflessly. 
but don't watch it at work where people can see you crying. 

I hope you all are having a great day! 
What movie inspires or moves you? 

Mrs. Hobbs to be  

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