Monday, May 20, 2013

May 20, 2013

6 Days! 

I  can't believe it
I am getting kind of nervous! 
Things for the wedding are going great, 
we just have to finish up a few things that are minor. 
Tuesday Mr. Hobbs mother, sister and one of his aunts 
are coming into town! So pretty much they are coming late tomorrow 
night. Things are happening so fast. I will be working for the next three and 
a half days so no extra time off for me, which is okay I am just going to be bored at
work with nothing to do but wait until Thursday afternoon when I will officially be off to work 
on wedding stuff! 

In other news....

Storms, yup massive storm is hitting the Midwest right now, although I haven't seen anything to bad yet here in Missouri. We will see if it gets bad today at all. 

I am also praying that there are no storms or rain on my wedding day! 
so join me in my prayers :) 

love soon to be Mrs. Hobbs. 
(p.s. I can't wait till I can say Mrs. Hobbs!) 

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