Thursday, June 20, 2013

5 Thoughts for Thursday

1. I do not like to go to bed alone! Mr. Hobbs likes to stay up late and read (his new obsession in Game of Thrones) and watch YouTube videos.) I do not like this habit...
2. Blueberry picking is so much fun! This morning before work, my mom, gram, Mr.Hobbs and myself went Blueberry picking at a local farm. One step closer to nature and I loved it. Next week I may go and pick Black Raspberry's! 
3. This weekend the family is going camping and I am so excited! S'mores and corn on the cob with the fam. it is going to be amazing. I might even try this... 
Starburst over a campfire!

4. Box springs suck. Yes they do. When we got back from the honeymoon Mr. Hobbs couldn't sleep because I moved around so we put the bed in the living room and slept in there for about a week and it was a blast. In the end we figured out one of the boards on our box spring was broken. so I  I mean we get to get a new bed :) 
5. Mr. Hobbs asked me this morning who I wanted to see in concert...I have no idea! 
Any suggestions? 

Much love, 
Mrs. Hobbs! 

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