Friday, June 28, 2013

First Fireworks of the Season

Tonight my hometown is having their fireworks which is the first fireworks I will have seen this July 4th season. I am pretty excited! 
I love fireworks, I used to be super scared of them because they were so loud but now I love them! 
The Hubs probably won't be able to come because he works till 9 :( 
which makes me really really sad but I have off July 4th and so does he! Yay! 
Sleeping in and a whole day off work hanging with my man! 

Yesterday we tried to go to the shooting range but the Hubs didn't think about the fact that the heat index was 103 hot!!!!! 
So we settled on half price sushi, Hobby Lobby and The Office! 
A much better date I think but the Mr. does love to go to the shooting range

These are my favorite fireworks, I am not sure what they are called but I always called them the Weeping Willow fireworks! 
Enjoy your weekend friend! 

Mrs. Hobbs

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