Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rehearsal Dinner

May 25, 2013
After the rehearsal at Ms. Gilmores Carriage House we were off to the rehearsal dinner 
at my church...well actually it was at a bed and breakfast that my church owns called
the Elfindale Mansion. 
The food was awesome, we had BBQ and a guy that my grandpa knows smoked all the meet for us and Mr. Hobbs mom and aunts (there are like 5 of them :) make all of the other parts of dinner. 
It was delicious! 

Here are some pictures of the dinner and my family 


Mrs. Hobbs :) 
My two sisters, on the left is Makena (she is my actual sister ) and Becky on the right (Kiel's sister) 

My dads side of the family! David, me, Brad (dad), Makena, Dee (grandma), Ginger (mom)

Bridal Party and flower girl!

another fun one! this is probably my favorite 

A good picture of the bridal party :) 

My gram (moms mom) These were the tea cups my grampa brought back when we went to war. 

Me and My Man

Kiel giving his speech, his lip kept quivering and it made me almost cry 

My family!

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