Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Office and Smoothies

The Hubby and I have started watching The Office from season 1. 
I am so excited! 
I have never seen the series but the Hubs has of course so
he wanted to start watching them with me.
Even though this isn't what I would consider awesome quality time
it works out pretty good because I get to sit next to a wonderful man :) 
In the show Michael Scott is the manager and well, my first thoughts of him was that he was a jerk. 
I know kind of mean even though it is a show but he is just a jerk sometimes and it makes me want to punch him but I love Pam, Jim and Dwight soooooo I am still going to watch the show.

Does Michael get any better??? Please give me some hope! 

I also decided to make smoothies last night which were amazing! I had never made smoothies before and my first two turned out great! (one for the hubs and one for me) 

The first month of marriage has been great, we got off to a weird start with our sleeping schedules but that is changing (thank goodness!) 
I love my husband and all that he does for me. 

Mrs. Hobbs 

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