Friday, July 19, 2013

God is so Good!

The hubby and I decided to get our budget in order the other day. 
After we figured it all out I got very discouraged. 
We don't have very much money left over to safe or have fun trips :( 
so I got discouraged and the hubs came over and we prayed about it. 
Turns out I have summer classes to pay for among other things such as rent and utilities. 
Today I went to the school to pay off some of the money and the full amount is due next week. 
We do not have the full amount. 
I thought my classes would be dropped if I did not get my classes payed in full by next Thursday.
Turns out my classes won't be dropped if we don't get the full amount in!!! 

Second awesome thing that happened today is that I got a raise!
We will now have more money to Tithe first and then to pay our bills! 
Lessons Learned: Trust God even when you are discouraged and stressed because he will find a way to provide! 

Thank you God :) 

Love Mrs. Hobbs! 

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