Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tea and Pinterest

Last Wednesday I posted Cookies and Pinterest. 
This week it is Mint tea and Pinterest
p.s. the mint tea is what I am drinking at this moment and I love it so so so much! 

Here are the last five things I pinned :) 


I know it isn't fall yet, but I LOVE FALL and all the warm clothes!

As a future teacher I loved this idea!
Mrs. Densons Adventure Blog

I just really liked this chandelier idea! Super cute :)
Angie Weldon Blog

How to clean your make up is on my to do list!
The Daily Quirk Blog. How to clean your Make up brushes

Who ever thought of this was really smart!
I love camping :)

Well there you go! My last five pins on Pinterst

Much love Mrs. Hobbs


  1. I want that silly deer sweater so badly! It's sold out! I checked!!!

    1. I thought it was great also! I love sweaters like that!