Wednesday, August 21, 2013

#26 Book 4 Anne of Windy Poplars

This is just a heads up that if you have not read these books and plan on it do not read on in this post because there will be spoiler alerts....

I was very worried when I started reading this book because in the movie series I did not like the part that involved the Pringles which is a family that is in this book. I read the book anyway (bc I have a goal!) and I did enjoy it very much of course, how could I have thought that I would not like it? The book starts out with Anne traveling to another province to become a principal at a school. She is engaged to Gilbert during this time so the book is written like Anne is writing letters to Gilbert because he is in medical school. It was a little hard to read this way because the author put in parts that says "two paged taken out here" meaning that she "took out" parts of Anne's letters which made me mad because I wanted to know what they said! Anne teaches at this school for three years so the book is separated by years (year 1,2 then 3). The book was great overall and I can't wait to get into book number 5! (this will depend on how much school work I have). 

Of course I recommend these books :) 
I feel like I can learn a lot from Anne and I so want to be like her! 

Mrs. Hobbs

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