Monday, August 12, 2013

# 26 Book Two Completed!


Anne of Avonlea 
 Yes book number two is complete in my adventure to finish all six of the Anne of Green Gable books. 
This book was so different from the movie that I know and love so much but I decided that, that is okay because I just love Anne so much! To be honest I wish I was more like her. Her love for nature and her wonderful imagination.I so wish that I lived at Green Gables on Prince Edward Island. I told my husband this past Saturday (when I finished the book) that I wanted to go to Prince Edward Island, his response was, "There are huge black bears there." Where he got this I have no idea but the fact that there are black bears does not scare me and I am still set on going. 

Book two finds us at the end/ beginning of Anne's college years. I will explain, at the beginning of the book she had just finished her first year of college and is off to teach at the school in Avonlea, the story continues on for two years and ends with Anne and Gilbert (the school boy who broke a slate over Anne's head) heading off to college again. 

I like these books because each chapter is different, it is one continuous story but it lapses over time which I have started to like because I can imagine what happens in between the chapters. I have enjoyed these books so much I am starting to like the name Avonlea for a baby name lol 
(What? I think it is super cute :) 

I also complete another thing on my 101 things to do but I want to get the pictures set up first! 
So keep checking in :) 

Mrs. Hobbs 

Here is Anne and Gilbert from the video series 


  1. oh my goodness. is this your first time reading this series? i love them! i read them growing up and my mom and i have had multiple movie nights to watch these over the years :)

    1. My grandma bought me these books years ago I just never picked them up. I love them so much! and the movie is amazing also.