Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Yes, my title of this post is Blah,
that's how I have been feeling lately which I think is okay.
I finished my summer classes last week so now it is time to chill till the 19th 
which is when school starts up again. 
also my family is on a cruise....
without me. 
I had a total melt down yesterday because I miss them and also because I am jealous.
I have a jealousy problem. 
My mom called and told me she won $200 in spa treatments. 
for her not me. 
anyway I have to get over this feeling of being left out. 
Every is telling me, "well your married now." 
so what! It is the first vacation my family took without me. 
I can feel left out if I want to. 

sorry I had to get that out. 

anyway this week will get better :) 
The Hubs and I are planning on going to the Irish place again! 
Yay! Irish food! 

Mrs. Hobbs

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