Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I really have not had the urge to be all bloggy lately. I really want to start working on putting more pictures with each of my posts but my mother is using my computer and the Hubs Mac does not take sd cards. 
so I have not been able to put pictures up but I am really going to try when I get my computer back. 
School starts on Monday and I am super excited because I will be a Senior this year. I am ready to get this ball rolling. I bought a new bag for my classes this year which will work as a backpack and purse. I am really excited about it and I hope it works for me. My grampa came over last night and fixed my sewing machine! So this week I am going to try a sew some pencil holders and such to keep my bag more organized this semester. Some of my friends that are teachers now start school today and I am so excited for them! They are teaching classes and I wish it was me. I am so ready to just get a teaching job and start enjoying being a teacher, I just know it is what I want to do with my life and I am so passionate about it. I started following some more blogs yesterday which I am really excited about because I just like to see what others are doing. I also am starting to not like Facebook. I know crazy but it's true, I mean why do we need it? The answer is we really don't. I would much rather talk to someone on the phone or send them a letter (which I want to start doing with friends!) I would much rather just get back to a simpler life with little technology and time spent with friends. 
Thanks for listening to my crazy ramblings today. 

Mrs. Hobbs 

P.S. do you ever feel like rambling about nothing?  

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