Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Working on the Blog

This morning I took time to change up the old blog a little. 
I rearranged the template and added a new button (still working on finding the right picture). 
I also added Favorite Posts  which include the posts that I have written that were most popular. 
I really enjoyed doing this, kind of like a clean up type thing. 
I also added a Bloglovin button so please follow me on Bloglovin! 

It is only Tuesday but this week already feels super long. 
Tonight I am going to sushi with my grandpa which if you knew him the fact that he suggested sushi was like hearing the world was ending. It was a shock for sure. 
It should be fun though and I am excited :) 

Other than that school starts next week! 
I can't believe it already

Much love, Mrs. Hobbs

P.S. Are you ready for school to start? 

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