Monday, September 2, 2013

#28 Local Farmers Market

Mocha bread!
I have been meaning to get these pictures up of the farmers market and the Missouri state fair. So check out my last post of the Missouri State Fair with the hubby and now I will share my experience of the first time I went to the fair because I have gone for the past two weeks after that! I enjoyed it so much :) The two new things I tried were goat cheese and this super yummy mocha bread! The goat cheese was soft so I spread it on fresh bread and gosh it was so yummy!
Smokin' Goat cheese was so yummy! It had some hot peppers in it!
This was so delicious! I had a great time and the next week I went back to the farmers market and got a goat cheese with bacon and chives and it is amazing also!

Love Mrs. Hobbs :)

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