Thursday, September 12, 2013

Allergies and Noodles

So I usually don't plan what I want to write on this blog. The rest of my life is planned so sometimes I just write what I want to when I want to. Allergies....have been kicking my booty! They totally suck and it is not fun. I ran out of my medicine this morning and went to work. I felt so bad my co-worker told me to take a break and go get more medicine and I am glad I did. I am starting to feel better already. Noodles. I love noodles mainly Chinese noodles (even if they are processed) which is what I am having for lunch right now. I plan on taking a small 30 min break soon. I am not sure what I will do but I need a break. Plantation Mint tea has kind of been a life saver lately. I have really enjoyed it with some honey. I am also working on trying to get up early since I am going into work by 7am for the next few weeks. To be honest I think my body hates me right now. Weird sleeping schedules and all these new changes. Change is good but it does take its tole on you. So here is to change, good or bad.

Mrs. Hobbs 

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