Friday, September 13, 2013

Is Pinterest Bad for You?

So I just had a huge realization. I was on Pinterest and I saw a Pin about a boy proposing to his girl in a very cute way. I realized that I was thinking how much better that would have been then my proposal from my husband. THIS IS A BAD THING! My husbands proposal was so sweet and amazing and such a surprise! (he teared up, I will never forget that.) I feel that things like Pinterest, although they are great for recipes and decorating, could be really bad for your relationship with others (especially your husband.) I can not even believe that I was envious of someone I did not know because of something on Pinterest. This idea really scared me because it can put up walls in my relationship with my husband because of what I see and how I think that other men are more impressive so I bring up my standards on things that my husband does not even know about! So I then get my feelings hurt because he does not meet those standards (that he doesn't even know about) How unfair is that!

So ladies and gents. Guard your hearts and minds!

Mrs. Hobbs

P.s. Any thoughts?

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