Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Evening Full of Preparing

What an evening! I feel like I have been going non stop till right now. I have finished some homework, made lunches for this next week for the Hubs (he is working out and eating healthy ;) ! I have loaded and unloaded the dishwasher and have completed at least three loads of laundry. I have also vacuumed the living room and hall way.
You know if I wanted to be a house mom, I would not work and not go to school because doing all three at once is a lot of work! I would love for the apartment to be spotless all the time but it just doesn't happen right now.
I also re-wrote my schedule today and it is looking good and not good at the same time. My days are literally full of school from 8am-3pm every day. I have two semesters left of college and one is student teaching which will be a lot of fun (yes a lot of work to but it will be fun) I have never not worked since I was 15 and this next semester may change that....I am not sure yet. We will see what God has planned. I am really relying on him right now to show me what to do with school and the Hubs and mine finances. God is in control and I will trust him alone in these matters.

I just found this picture of my Mister and wanted to share how handsome he is :)

What a hottie!

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