Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cardinals, Coffee and a Rainy Day

Hello All!

So I am sad to say that our St. Louis Cardinals lost the World Series but that is okay :) They had a great season so it's okay.

It has been raining for two or three days now and I am ready to have my sunny fall days back. It as been nice that it is not to cold though.

My coffee this morning tastes great...I am not sure why this morning it tastes so good but it really does and it is making me happy :)

One of the radio stations I listen to here in Missouri started playing Christmas music this morning. Now I really like this but also I am wondering why not wait until after Thanksgiving but I can't say to much because the Hubs and I have decided to decorate for Christmas on November 1st (which is tomorrow!) We went to Hobby Lobby this past week and bought stuff for a Christmas wreath and our first stockings together! We were both really excited about that part :)

Anyway, how have your weeks been going? Comment below :)


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